Your Vertical Blind Cleaning Guide

We Are Often Asked How To Clean Vertical Blinds.

The Answer Is That It All Depends On How Unclean They Are.

Some Materials Are Simpler To Clean Than Others, Such As PVC Vertical Blinds. 

Our Short Tutorial Will Show You How To Safely Clean Vertical Blinds At Home, Regardless Of The Material.

Should I Remove My Vertical Blinds?

Vertical Blinds May Be Cleaned While Still Hanging If They Simply Require A Minor Cleaning.  If You Want To Clean The Vertical Blind Slats Thoroughly, We Recommend Removing Them And Scrubbing Them On A Flat Surface. This Also Allows You To Completely Clean The Headrail.

How To Take Down Your Vertical Blinds

  • Before Removing The Vertical Slats, Dust Or Vacuum Them, Following The Guidelines In The Next Section On How To Clean Vertical Blinds Lightly.
  • Unclip The Chain From Each Slat If Your Vertical Blinds Include Bottom Chains And Weights.
  • Unhook The Slats And Place Them Flat On A Clean Surface.

How To Keep Vertical Blinds Clean

The Method And Effort You Use To Clean Your Vertical Blinds Will Be Determined By How Dirty They Are. If They’re Only A Bit Dusty, A Simple Vacuuming Is All That’s Required.

You May Also Clean Your Vertical Blinds With A Normal Duster. However, We Have Discovered That Vacuuming Produces Superior Outcomes.

  • Take Your Vacuum And Carefully Suction Up And Down Each Slat With The Soft Brush Attachment Until The Entire Cloth Is Coated, Then Repeat On The Other Side.
  • Be Cautious Of Suction Levels. It’s Better To Keep Them Low Since You Don’t Want To Tug Or Bend The Cloth And Leave Wrinkles.
  • We Highly Discourage Using The Basic Floor Brush Attachment Since It May Transfer Loose Debris And Dust To Your Vertical Blinds

How Do You Maintain Your Vertical Blinds?

  • Gather Your Cleaning Supplies. A Clean Towel And A Basin Of Lukewarm Water Are Required.
  • Run The Cloth Gently Over The Fabric Slat And Repeat On The Other Side.
  • Allow The Cloth To Dry Completely Before Reattaching The Slats To The Headrail.
  • You May Clean The Headrail With A Moist Towel And Mild Detergent While The Slats Are Drying. It Will Require The Greatest Maintenance Because It Collects More Dust Than The Slats.

Vertical Blinds Should Not Be Washed In A Washing Machine Or Soaked In A Bath. Some Articles Claim It’s Fine, But There’s A Risk Of The Cloth Shrinking, Discolouring, Fraying, Or Warping, Leaving It Worthless.  If Your Vertical Blinds Come With Care Instructions That Say It’s Okay To Wash Them This Manner, That’s Ok. Otherwise, Stay Away From It.

How Can You Remove Stains From Vertical Blinds?

Vertical Blinds In Heavy Activity Areas Like Kitchens Are More Prone To Staining; Follow The Procedures Below To Help Combat This.

  • Use Water And A Clean Damp Cloth To Remove Light Stains From Textiles Such As Polyester. Gently Dab The Stain And Repeat Until It Is Gone.
  • Stains On Pvc Textiles Should Be Easy To Remove, But If You Have A Tenacious Stain On Fabric Vertical Blinds That Water Alone Cannot Remove, Apply A Mild Detergent. Use Of Harsh Solutions Or Stain Removers May Cause The Colour To Fade.

How Do You Remove Mould From Vertical Blinds?

  • If You Discover Mould In The Fibres Of Your Vertical Blinds, You Can Try To Cure It At Home First. It Can, However, Be Tough And May Necessitate Spot Treatment With Fabric Detergent Or Dry Cleaning.
  • Using A Stiff Brush, Gently Brush The Region To Eliminate The Build-Up, Being Sure To Brush In The Same Direction Each Time.
  • Next, Dampen A Clean Cloth With Warm Water And Gently Dab The Discoloured Area To Remove It.
  • If Stains Persist, Apply Lemon Juice And Salt To The Affected Area And Dab Until The Stain Disappears.
  • If All Else Fails, This Gentle Detergent Is The Next Best Thing. Check The Care Instructions First, Since Not Following Them May Cause The Colour To Fade.

Avoid Further Mould Outbreaks.

Mould Is Hazardous To Both Your House And Your Health. Once You’ve Resolved The Mould Problem, Keep It From Recurring By Cleaning Your Windows And Windowsills On A Regular Basis To Keep Mould From Spreading.

The Mindful Option

PVC Is The Most Simple Vertical Cloth To Maintain Cleanliness. PVC Vertical Blinds Are Ideal For Bathrooms And Kitchens Since They Do Not Collect Moisture And Are Easy To Clean.

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We Hope The Ideas In This Blog Make Your Vertical Blinds Appear Like New. If Your Vertical Blinds Have Gotten Mouldy Or Soiled And You Have Been Unable To Revive Them, It May Be Time To Replace Them.


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