The Best White (Blinds): How To Choose

The Majority Of Clients Prefer To Select Window Coverings That Are Safe And Classic, And Selecting White Blinds Or Shades Is A Definite Method To Achieve That.

We Suggest That You Follow This Advice And Keep The Windows Neutral While Adding Colour With Accessories.

Many Of You Take This Method To Heart Since, Despite Having Hundreds Of Colour Options, Practically The Majority Of Our Customers Choose White.

How To Select White Blinds For Your Room

Identifying The Undertones

One White May Appear To Be Genuine White On Its Own, But When Compared To Other White Alternatives, You’ll Notice One Has More Blue, Brown, Pink, Or Green Colours. These Are Known As Undertones.

Compare Your Colours Against A Piece Of White Printer Paper To Identify Undertones. The Tonal Change Will Be More Noticeable.

Look Around Your Space To Evaluate Which Colour Is Most Prominent And Which You Want To Draw Attention To. To Match, Use A White With That Undertone.

If Your Décor Is Predominantly Cool-Toned (Grey, Blue, And Green), Choose A White With Cool Undertones Otherwise It Will Seem Yellowed And Aged. If Your Décor Is Warm (Browns, Reds, And Oranges), You Will Need A White With Corresponding Undertones Otherwise It Will Appear Too Cold And Clinical.

Even If You Don’t Fully Grasp The Colour Theory That Underlies Undertones, Our Next Steps Will Ensure That You Make The Correct Decision.

  1. Request A Free Sample

The Key To Selecting The Appropriate White Is To Observe Colours In Your Own Environment, For Example Observing Your Home’s Design, Rather Than Relying On Your Computer Screen To Predict What Would Work.

Every Customer At Grayswindowblinds.Ie Can Order Up To 3 Free Colour Samples To Help Them Decide. Colours May Be Added To Your Sample Pack By Selecting The “Free Sample” Button When Purchasing.

When Picking Between Whites, We Recommend Ordering A Few Of The Whites Available Per Blind Type (Typically Between 1-3) And Then Moving On To The Next Stage.

  1. Tape Up Samples To See Colours Clearly

When You Receive Your Grayswindowblinds.Ie Samples, Tape Them To The Window Or Windows You’re Covering. Examine Which Tone Complements Your Design And General Décor The Best.

Is One More Brown Or Golden Than The Others In Your Room? That’s What The Undertones Are Saying. Choose The White That Appears To Be The Most Neutral.

Leave Them Up For A Few Days Before Making A Decision. Examine Them At 3 P.M., 6 P.M., And 9 P.M. To Notice How Varying Levels Of Light Impact The Colour. Light Filtering Shades, For Instance, Can Seem Differently Depending On The Time Of Day.

  1. Unsure? Simply Match The Trim

Can’t Decide? If You’re Engaged In Analytical Paralysis, Matching Your Trim Colour Is Always A Safe Bet. Using The Tape Up Approach, Determine Which Colour Is Closest To Your Trim Paint.

  1. Caution: Avoid Going Too Yellow

The Appropriate Decision With The Tape Up Approach Is Typically Evident, But The Worst Error You Can Make Is To Go Too Yellow.        If You Have A Cooler Palette (Blue, Grey, Green) And Pick A Yellow-Based White Or Off-White, Your Blinds Will Appear Unattractive Or Unclean In Comparison. Choose A Colour That Appears Cooler Or More Neutral.